LED lighting

Hygiene standards

Medical applications require increased germ resistance and easy cleaning of lighting systems.

Thanks to cleanroom compatibility and increased protection against dust, liquids and chemicals, as well as low maintenance, LED luminaires are the ideal choice for medical applications.

Light quality

It is about performance and visual comfort.

The light must be adapted to the situation, with perfect colour rendering, without shadows and reflections – very important criteria especially in surgical applications.

Low glare LED luminaires protect users, healthcare professionals and patients, and create a feeling of well-being.

Dr. Munteanu Clinic

Illuminated surface
1.500 m2

Customer requirements
Sustainable lighting in strict hygiene standards, adapted to a modern medical clinic.

Working mode
On the basis of simulations accepted by the client, which comply with European standards and recommendations. Return on investment and payback calculations.

Types of premises
Reception, outpatient waiting rooms, consultation rooms, pre- and post-operative rooms, operating theatres, office spaces, meeting rooms, escape routes, outdoor parking, access spaces in the building.

Used products
Recessed Quadro Clip panel, special Clean Room panel for medical LED lighting, Mobility emergency luminaire and hydrant, Artume recessed linear luminaire.

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For operating theatres, consulting rooms and patient lounges, 4LED has implemented LED lighting solutions that meet the strictest hygiene standards. The luminaires are perfectly sealed and easy to clean, and the quality of light is very close to natural, which contributes to the comfort of patients and healthcare professionals.

Dr. Mihnea Munteanu
Project Developer, “Dr. Munteanu” Eye Clinic

Radiology Clinic of Victor Babes Hospital

Illuminated surface
220 m2

Customer requirements
Quality, environmentally friendly lighting for clinical environments.

Types of premises
— clinical scanning area
— hallways and common areas
— exit routes

Used products
— panel-type luminaires simulating natural lighting (E-Window)
— LED panel luminaires (Quadro)
— safety and emergency lighting (Mobility)

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