LED lighting services


is the main way we create value for our customers.

Whether you are a chain of 300 stores or a medical clinic, a small sub-assembly manufacturer or a large technology park, 4LED offers you a complete service: full consultancy for choosing the most suitable lighting solution, system design or luminaire design, installation and assembly, warranty and service.

  • Consulting
  • Financing solutions
  • LED system design
  • Audit and replacement-retrofitting
  • Smart control solutions
  • Installation and assembly
  • Warranty, service, repairs


The first step in building an LED lighting system is to identify the customer’s requirements.

For 4LED it is very important to have detailed discussions about your project in order to be able to propose the best solutions.

Based on the received information, we will present simulations, efficiency and energy calculations, payback calculations, various technical studies.

The proposed solutions are always ECO Friendly.


Your business capital must be protected – that’s why we offer financing options that won’t stand in the way of quality LED lighting.

Naturally, you can choose to buy, rent or lease lighting systems and 4LED will support you 100% whatever your choice.

NEW! With the Light as a Service (LaaS), you can choose to rent just the light, without the hassle of equipment, installation or warranty.

LED system design

For complex and atypical situations, standard solutions are not the most appropriate.

In these cases, we offer customised solutions that respond optimally to the constraints of your project.

Location audit, replacement-retrofitting solutions

The use of LED lighting is not only recommended for new buildings, but also as a replacement for inefficient lighting systems (incandescent or fluorescent).

You have the option of keeping the existing installation, with replacement of only the luminaires; or replacing the whole installation, for a wider range of products, increased efficiency and dimmability.

Smart control solutions (KNX, IoT)

To optimise LED lighting, we recommend implementing intelligent control solutions (DALI, KNX, IoT). They can be integrated into existing systems or managed by sensors.

As efficiency increases, smart control solutions offer a better user experience (e.g. the ability to fine-tune light intensity) as well as the possibility to collect data leading to further optimisations.

Installation and assembly

4LED has the logistics and capability to install and mount complex LED systems regardless of location.

Chain store or medical clinic, office building or subassembly factory: you can count on us for flawless workmanship.

Warranty, service and repairs

All 4LED products and services are guaranteed according to standards and legislation.

We offer warranty and post-warranty service and repairs for complete customer satisfaction.