8W » 600 Lm
15W » 1125 Lm
18W » 1350 Lm
27W » 2025 Lm


The LED Glo lighting system can replace traditional fixtures perfectly. Datorită dispersorului de ghidare a luminii, luminatorul are un fascicul luminos uniform și eficient, grad scăzut de strălucire, factor de orbire scăzut și protecție excelentă față de ochi.


Mounting type: suspended
LED type: SMD
Voltage: 200-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Use temperature: -10/+50°C
UGR: < 19
CRI: > 80
PF: > 0.9
Angle: 90°


  • Modern and simple design
  • Simple structure, easy to install.
  • Energy saving and environmentally friendly, CE RoHS compliant.
  • High efficiency thermal management
  • Low temperature operation
  • High stability of continuous operation

Body, optics:
  • Body in pure aluminium, cast and finished, electrostatically painted.

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